Carter’s Second Month

Carter has grown and learned so much in this second month that looking back it just overwhelms me. She makes me so PROUD to be her momma! This newborn, and holiday, season is going so fast and all I want to do is slow it down. I feel like I will be saying that the rest of her life. Ha! Jake and I are so excited to start family traditions with her and just soak in some family time.

Carter girl, you did SO much in your second month! You started rolling over at 5 weeks old, had your first Thanksgiving, discovered your voice and started “talking”, went to your first Christmas parade (you slept the entire time until right before Santa came and wanted daddy to hold you to see him), transitioned to your crib like a big girl, and finally went to the nursery this month. You also learned when to poke that lip out to get what you want and I’m quickly learning you pick up on things fast!  

 You are such a happy, easy going girl. You love to have a lovey every time you take a nap, your bottles, talking and smiling, naps, cuddling, running errands with mommy, and you are starting to discover your hands. You even started liking your paci! You really dislike  your car seat, tummy time, diaper changes and changing clothes still, and being up too late past bed time. We have learned traveling a lot makes nights hard for you but you’re slowly adjusting to it.

You make us laugh so much with your personality. Playing with daddy is still your all time favorite thing to do and he just loves it! And watching you smile when talking to us, is the best! I also know this is random but I just love to see your hair curl up when it gets wet. It makes me smile so big because it means you FINALLY have something on you that looks like your mommy! (I posted a picture post bath in case nobody believes me.) It’s also started to flip out when dry. Hopefully those curls will come out more soon!

Favorite moment from this month:

Getting to watch Carter roll over for the first time when it was just us. Also, watching you sleep in my arms and look so peaceful.

She’s still unsure of how she feels about coats.😉

What we’ve learned from parenthood so far:

Patience is important with babies.

Don’t panic when babies cry in public! It makes them cry even louder.

Always pack an extra of everything in the diaper bag.

Have lots of grace!

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