TBB Asks: How Do You Cozy?



Slippers: Yes or No? In the Spring and Summer, not really. BUT, in the Fall and Winter, I am wearing slippers all the time! They just scream cooler weather and with our concrete floors, I am ALL about them.

What is your favorite blanket?  I am all about the soft blankets you can get, like these from Kohls.  But I would use whatever blanket is around. I love cuddling up with a blanket and good Fall movie! In fact, I’m using one right now as I watch Hallmark channel in the background.

Thin or thick pillow?  I really don’t know. I know I love feather pillows but I don’t love the price of them. So Jake and I buy new pillows each year hoping we can eventually find one that we love. We are currently using a thick “hotel like” pillow we got from Marshalls, in the Spring. I’m not really a fan other than it’s soft.  I dislike waking up with a headache from a bad pillow.

Favorite warm beverage? Give me ALL the warm drinks! Hot chocolate, apple cider, PSL, coffee. I’ll take them all. I’m not really one to drink hot beverages year round but I love them in the Fall and Winter. PSL and hot chocolate are probably my faves though!

Robe: Yes or NO? I would love to wear robes but I’m always so worried about other things when shopping that I always forget to get me a long, soft one when I see it. I should probably put that on my Christmas list this year!

Favorite comfort snack foods? Crackers of almost any kind, granola bars, and chips

Movies or TV series binge? Anything on the Hallmark Channel, Hocus Pocus, One Fine Day, Grey’s Anatomy

Actual PJ’s or leggings? I’m all about pj pants and an oversized t-shirt.

Do you cozy up on the couch or a chair? Both!!

Hoodie, Tshirt, or Sweater? I’m all about big sweaters and sweatshirts. I don’t think I wear a hoodie but once a year.

How do you cozy? Tell me in the comments. Maybe there is some new snack foods I need to try!


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