Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

So much has been going on that I seemed to miss my last pregnancy update. No worries! I’ll just do it today! 

I’m at 35 weeks and at the point that I’m ready for baby girl to be here. But not any sooner than this weekend! We want to make it to 36 weeks before she makes her grand entrance. In fact, Jake hasn’t been so vocal about whether he’s ready for her to be here or not, but last Monday he told me he wouldn’t mind her coming this weekend. I was a little thrown off hearing him say that but it’s nice to know we both have the same feelings. Many people think we will go full term but our doctor has mentioned, several weeks ago, that he thinks she will be coming early. I guess we will see who wins that bet! We have so many family members that are betting she will be born on their birthdays and are pretty vocal about it. (My family has a history of sharing birthdays with the younger generations. And there are a lot between now and October 12th that have a chance!) We will see!

So what all have we done to prepare for her in the last few weeks? We have had two baby showers, finished her nursery (minus hanging two pictures), washed ALL the baby clothes (SOOO much), packed the hospital bags, put together the rest of the baby furniture, and started thank you notes. Doctor appointments have been pretty good other than my bp, but hopefully that will be better this week.

(Please excuse the messy mirror. It’s kind of hard to reach over the counter, to clean it all the time, now days. 🙂 )

Stretch Marks? No new ones!

Itching? Nope!

Baby Size? A honeydew melon. But she is still growing a few days ahead of schedule!

Movement?  Oh yes! She used to be pretty good about not moving during the night but lately she has been moving so much I’m getting worn out by it. Ha!

Cravings? Not really.

Sickness? I’ve had a little nausea creep up lately but not too bad. Hopefully it will leave again, soon.

Labor Symptoms?  I for sure had one and possibly two Braxton Hicks, last week. I say possibly for the second because I’m not sure if it’s how I was moving or if it was actually a contraction. I also had another symptom show up once that the doctor checking my stomach and legs but I’d rather not share that one. In fact, I didn’t even know it was a symptom until reading my app about it and the doctor checking me out.

Sleep? Sleep is close to non-existing now. Just a couple nights ago, I tossed and turned all night because of my hips hurting, baby moving, and just not comfortable. I probably got 3 hours of sleep the entire night and woke up completely exhausted! But for the most part, I spend half of my morning catching up on sleep with a 2 hour nap sometime between 9 and 12 o’clock (if I can get comfortable enough to get the nap). Sleep is wearing me out so much!

Favorite part/parts of pregnancy so far? Finally getting Carter to cooperate and getting to see more of her facial features, last week, during the 4D ultrasound!


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