30 weeks: Pregnancy Update

First, I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for all of the prayers! We have definitely felt them. Again, I won’t go into much detail, but I want to update you on what has happened since my last pregnancy update. I have been to the doctor twice since then. Our doctor is fantastic and we have complete trust that he will tell me to do what is best for our Carter girl. My first appointment went great. It was more of a check up and to see what we needed to do to keep my blood pressure down and keep Carter and I both healthy. My test results hadn’t come in, yet. So, he determined another week on bed rest, until we got the results, and to keep me on the track that it looked like I was headed.

So, I spent another week stuck at home, staring at walls and out windows, just waiting for each day to pass. Yesterday was my second appointment to see how my results looked. The ultrasound showed Carter was doing great! They checked me out and everything looked good. Then I talked to my doctor about my results and it was determined that bed rest was no longer going to be temporary. To keep everything elevated and staying where it is, I am now on strict bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy. This is going to get old over the next 10 weeks… He is allowing me, so far, to show up to my showers in a couple weeks, but I have to take it very slow and not be up moving much. I am so looking forward to that weekend!!

 Jake and I are hoping this girl is not as stubborn and high maintenance as the third trimester of her growing is turning out to be! Ha! I got to see her sweet face and little nose, during the ultrasound, and I told Jake last night that I’m pretty sure she is going to end up with his nose.😊

Stretch marks? Yes. They are creeping up on me!

Itching? Nope.

Baby size? She is the size of a large cabbage.

Movement? She is moving so much and sometimes it feels like she’s doing karate. Especially at night.  Ha!

Cravings? I don’t think the cravings are really happening for this pregnancy. I did finally have a night where I wanted something sweet and had went to the store for a piece of Key Lime pie. But I don’t think I can count that as a constant craving.

Sickness? Nope.

Labor symptoms? No

Sleep? Sleep is just not happening anymore. I am definitely at the uncomfortable stage, at night, and probably get 4 hours of sleep total. So I have taken advantage of being on bed rest and take a nap for about an hour or two to make up for the night before. I can already see these nights preparing me for when our girl is here.

Favorite part/parts of pregnancy so far? I have been trying to get Jake to see or feel Carter when she is moving a lot, for the last several weeks. Every time I say his name, she immediately stops like she doesn’t want him to know she is there. Haha! So one night, while he was at the grocery store, I decided to video her moving so he could at least see it for once. His face lit up when he saw it. And, FINALLY, Saturday afternoon she was moving so much that I didn’t even say his name for him to try to feel. I just jerked his hand, in the middle of a conversation, and placed his hand over where she was. You’d think he won a bunch of money the way he looked after he felt it.

I would also say another favorite is when he was headed home late one night and called me. I’m thinking he’s calling to talk to me. After a few sentences, he tells me to put the phone up to my stomach so he can sing to her the rest of his drive home. Which was 30 minutes. It melted me!❤️


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