Advice for New Moms

Lots of things have been going through my mind, lately, knowing that Carter’s due date is only 13 weeks away! I am a huge planner of everything in life. Remember, Jake and I did have a 5 year plan, for the beginning of our marriage and we stuck to it! 😉 ) I know birth is hard to exactly plan out. But I will try to plan and do as much as possible, to ease life after the birth! So I’ve been trying to get as much done and be prepared for birth and postpartum life. Without getting into details, (I will eventually talk about this, in another blog post, later on.) I was in the hospital a couple nights ago. And have been in my bed or on the couch since then. I CANNOT wait to get up and go to work tomorrow! Ha! As much as we have done talking and preparing for our baby girl’s arrival, Jake and I realized that night that we still have questions, and things to check off our list, before she is here! And things we haven’t even thought of, until the doctors and nurses started asking us questions.

So I want to get your help/advice on a few things! 

Why did you choose the pediatrician that you chose?

Black out curtains or no black out curtains?

Nursery rug or not?

Your number one nursery must have?

What was your biggest fear going into labor/motherhood and is there something that you found helpful to get you through that time?

I’ve been pretty set on using the “Moms on Call” sleep training method before we ever talked about having a baby (mostly because I know so many people that have had huge success with it), but I also want to look into other methods to see if there is another that would work for us. What did you use?

What did you pack in your hospital bags for mommy, daddy, and baby? What wasn’t necessary?

Going to see Jake’s family means road trips, sometimes. What advice do you have for packing as little as possible and still having all you need for baby?

Got any advice for the new daddy? (Jake does read my blogs so I want him to benefit from it whenever he can. Hi, babe!)

What is top on the list for parents to do before the baby’s arrival?

What other tips/advice do you have that I should know about?

Thanks so much for helping this new momma out!


2 thoughts on “Advice for New Moms

  1. My biggest piece of advice is be prepared for things not going according to plan and that it is ok if that happens.

    They actually have most everything you will need for the baby already at the hospital so make sure you take thing that you & Jake will need (charges for phones and the wall blocks for those chargers is avery big thing that is easy to forget).

    Babies don’t need every new fangled gadget out there. They don’t know if that burp cloth you are using is the most expensive one out there or if it is the kitchen cloth you just grabbed out of the drawer for the explosion that just happened on your shoulder.

    When packing for a trip it is very easy to pack a ton of things because of “just in case”. There have been several occasions that I packed so much for my kids when they were little and then didnt even need over half of it. I have also learned to embrace my families old rule of 3’s. Inevitably you are going to forget 3 things that you will need. But don’t worry. There is almost always a wal-mart/walgreens/dollar general near you and you can grab that forgotten item. And because it is for baby you will most likely continue to use it so it won’t be a waste.

    Remember to not sweat the small stuff. You’ve got this. Baby and your body will tell you what you need to do. We are made for this. God made us and he created these magnificent bodies to be able to do this.

    Oh yeah. Dont forget to sleep! I’m sure you’ve heard it before but sleep when she sleeps if you can.


  2. Yay for being a first time mom!
    1. We’re using the same pediatrician matt had as a kid. We love him!
    2. We don’t have blackout curtains in our nursery. I think it’s just personal preference.
    3. We have a rug in there, only because we have hardwood floors.
    4. A comfy rocking chair! We spend a lot of time rocking.
    5. My biggest fear was the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect with labor or being a mom. I read birth story after birth story and even though I still never felt prepared we’re making it haha.
    6. We cosleep. We’re slowly but surely making it to sleeping all night in her own room. It’s what worked for best for us at the time.
    7. For mom: a gown (if you’re nursing you’ll want a nursing gown) and yoga pants and a large T-shirt. (You are going to want to be as comfortable as possible). For Dad: clothes, chargers, money for snack machines or fast food, a pillow, and toiletries for both of you. For baby: pajamas, socks, coming home outfit. The hospital supplies you with diapers while you’re there.
    8. Our family lives close by, but it really helps if family has stuff at their house. Our parents keep basic items such as diapers, wipes, bath stuff, feeding stuff (bottles, cups, plates, silverware) at their house and that saves a lot of space when all you have to pack is diapers for the trip and whatever clothes they’re going to wear.
    9. It can be hard for a first time dad to connect with a newborn, especially if the baby isn’t bottle fed. So it’s important to find something that can be a “dad and baby” thing. Having a baby is hard work and mom is going to need a lot of extra help, so just be a little more patient and a lot more loving.
    10. Win the lottery. (Only sort of kidding). Having a baby does change your life, but you can still do things after the baby arrives. You’ll just be sharing the experience with your child.
    11. Enjoy every single stage. The days are long but the years are so so short. Take time for yourself, take time for each other. It’s also okay for grandparents to step in and help (they really do want to).


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