Happy 4th Aniversary, my love!


Has it really been four years, already? I feel like we just said our vows yesterday! But then again, I feel like it was longer than four years ago. We have gone through so much together! Marriage is such a wonderful ride to go on with you!

Can you believe what all we have done since May 18, 2013? Me either! I never thought we’d be working in Oxford. That is definitely for sure! God sure does have humor! We have lived in two different towns, two homes, both of us have worked for two different companies. And somehow, without me going crazy or having panic attacks, we ended up with a hyper, overly active bloodhound.😳

As I look back at all that has happened, I can’t help but be happy and thankful for you. I am so proud of us and how far we have come. We have worked so hard at keeping our public commitment to God. We have had a few small arguments, a major life change when moving, tons of happy moments and memories, and we have made our marriage so much stronger because of them.

Thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for providing and working hard for us. Thank you for putting the toilet seat down when you leave the bathroom (haha!). Thank you for your unconditional love towards me. Thank you for making the happiest person on earth.😍

I love you Jake. I can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! But first, let’s make to Zach’s graduation tonight! 😉


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