Friday Random Five

No. 6
Today, I’m taking a break from from moving posts and giving a Friday Random Five. Today’s topic/list is my top 5 favorite foods to eat. 

1. Vegetables of any kind (except beets😷)

It’s true! I’m a big fan of veggies. I love them with ranch, hummus(my fav way), by themselves, grilled, roasted, sautéed. You name it and I’ll love it. But I just can’t bring myself to eat beets. Here is the thing. I’ve tried them before. My mom even researched ways to make no beet lovers love them and then cooked them that way. 😷 I tried it. Hated it. Never looked back or thought to tried to eat them again.

2. Salads

If I could have a salad for every meal, I’d be a happy lady! Jake on the other hand.. he says he has got to have some sort of meat at every meal.😉 so when I fix us a salad for supper, I usually put fish or chicken in his bowl. 

3. Pasta

I ❤️ carbs so much! I really think I’m part Italian and nobody will tell me it’s true. If I had to pick a restaurant to go to, every single time I’d choose Italian over any other. Speaking of pasta, I’ve been thinking of finding ways to healthier lighter versions. Any ideas that could help me?!

4. Lays potato chips

Poor Jake. Every single time he buys potato chips they are gone by the next morning. They truly are my weakness. And every time I try to do better and make them last longer but I just can’t. 😔 maybe one day.

5. Cheesecake

I love cheesecake so much that I have taught myself how to make it and perfected it. And I’m not talking about that quick no bake way. I’m talking it takes a day and a half to make it. I love making them the old fashion way. And I love making new versions and flavors out of them! 

So what are some of your favorite foods? Tell me in the comments. I can’t wait to find out!


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