Moving Update with a Little Randomness

So if you live in the South, like me, our Spring Break time is more like Winter Break. We have snow is random areas all over the North part of Mississippi and it’s raining randomly. Hopefully that will soon be behind us and it will be sun shining and beautiful on our moving day!! woot-woot!

Anyways, I thought I’d give a little moving progression update and tell you where we are. We found a rental house and will be moving April 1st. We have about half of the kitchen packed and other random parts, of the house, slowly coming together. Thank goodness for family because without them, I don’t know where my head be. My mother-in-law is coming this weekend to help us finish packing, minus work clothes. She is also taking Tucker until we buy a house next year.

Jake and I will be working up until the day before moving day. That means we are having to take care of errands and necessities during our lunch breaks and after work each day. We are trying hard not to spend money until moving day and are eating sandwiches a lot, right now.  We are also trying to not eat all of our groceries, in fridge and freezer, so we don’t have to make a major grocery shopping day right when we get to the new house. i.e. the sandwiches!

We are so thankful for friends that have helped us in major ways. We have had some of you volunteer rolls of packing paper, a covered trailer, and so many other ways. Thank you all so much!

The only thing we have left on our checklist, besides moving day, is to find me a job. As of right now, it looks like I’ll be spending a little longer in Greenville, after Jake moves. We are praying for God’s will in all of this fast pace stuff going on and trying to be optimistic. Hopefully we won’t be separated too long.

And for a little bit of randomness…

Is there anything specific you want me to write or share about? It can be something personal, goofy, or random. I will write about each topic, given, once a week. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions and see what y’all want to read more about!




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