Friday Random Five 

No. 5
The next few weeks I’m going to spend time letting you get to know me. I really feel like I’ve been slacking in connecting and opening up about who I really am. And I feel like it would help you understand me and what I write about if I spend a little bit of time sharing more about me, and my background, that led to the person I am today. 😊

So today I’m going to start by doing 20 facts about me, instead of just five. 

1. My parents got my first name from a church hymn.

2. I am was the only redhead for 19 years, until my parents adopted my only brother.

3. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. (Yes, I am the oldest and only one currently married.)

4. I love to travel and been to half of the east side of the country and 3 other countries. Peru, Ecuador, and South Africa (Peru, I have been to several times.)

5. I went to school to be a deaf education teacher but God had other plans and now I am a banker. My mother was a banker, so I guess you could say I’m following her footsteps.

6. I love fashion.

7. I knew what I wanted my wedding cake to look like when I was 12 years old. So my entire wedding was planned around the cake. 

8. My father entered the ministry and became a pastor when I was in middle school. 

9. I am not a fan of R&B music from the 80s or earlier. My parents used to make listen to it to punish me when we were on road trips, if I got in trouble, because they knew how much I didn’t like it. It is torture for me. 

10. I love all things Shania Twain. She tops all of my favorite singers. 

11. I am not an animal person, AT ALL. But, my husband has a bloodhound. 

12. My radio stays on K-LOVE 24/7. It only gets turned to a different station when Jake and I go to our parents and it is then country music. 

13. I pay attention to details. Sometimes I feel like it’s pretty bad and other people think I stalk them. If that’s you, I’m sorry. I really don’t stalk you. I pay attention and remember random things.

14. My dream to own a candy and pie store. 

15. I love to bake and cook casseroles but when it comes to cooking regular meals, I’m not anywhere close to a pro. 

16. I went to the University of Southern Mississippi. 

17. I’m a huge planner and goal setter. My husband and family is the total opposite. 

18. I love sharing my testimony and what God can do in your life.

19. I love blogging and hope I touch at least one person’s life by sharing what God is doing through me.

20. I can’t wait to share more with you and let you get to know me on a better level.