Wise-day Wednesday

I love to see blogs and articles where I get to learn new quick tips from others. So I decided I would start Wise-day Wednesday. These blog posts will be where I give a few tips that I’ve learned so you can gain the knowledge I gained from others. They will be tips that I’ve learned from others, learned from my own experiences, or that I’ve found through articles, or other sites and think are interesting to share for others to know and for all of us to try and see if they work.


So let’s get started and I’m going to share three tips, today, that I have learned from my own experiences. I’m still sort of a “newlywed” so I’m still learning some tricks as others give me their knowledge from many years of marriage and living together. Ha!

Today’s Wise Wednesday is brought to you in the theme of Laundry!


  1. We all have those shoes that are our favorite and we want to wear every chance we get. And then, after a while they become a faded, dirty, we get mud on them, it rains outside and we walk in nasty puddles, and they lose that new shiny look they once had. Well if they are tennis shoes, I’ve got a tip that will help you make them look like you just bought them, again. Are you ready for it?!? Scrub them with toothpaste! That’s it! Hand wash them using toothpaste instead of soap and rinse off with water. It’s that simple. They will be squeaky clean and white for your next outing. 😉
  2. Are you tired of having to dry off with rough, scratchy towels after a bath? I know I am! How can you get that soft, lovable feeling back in them after many uses and washes that are wearing them out? Just wash them with warm, or hot, water and a cap full of vinegar or ammonia ( you pick ). Don’t put softener or detergent in that laundry load. I promise you, this is my favorite laundry tip! I do this to my towels every three months. Best tip my momma ever gave me!!
  3. Are you tired of waiting FOREVER for your clothes to finish, in the dryer? To speed it up put a clean, dry towel in with your wet load and it will reduce the time by 1/3 of the normal drying time. Saving time and money on that energy bill! ( We obviously can tell I love when I get to save money. Ha! )

What’s some of your favorite tips? I love learning new things to make life a little easier and would to gain your knowledge!

For the Lord gives wisdom: from his mouth came knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6