Friday Random Five

No. 2

  1. I’m so excited about starting a short devotional and learning about how to be a Titus 2 woman. I searched all over the internet to find an online devotional for young married women and this was one of the best I found. (This little town of Greenville doesn’t have but one small christian book store, so I’m limited in resources. 😦 )
  2. Jake and I are spending the entire lent season (we are baptists and no we do not practice lent, this is just what I am doing for my personal self) working out at the gym and starting a new healthier lifestyle. We planned a couple days in August to go the beach, as an anniversary gift to each other. (Yes, it is a few months after our anniversary.) Jake has decided to use this as his motivation. I’ve been trying hard over the last couple months to get him to workout with me and I’m so excited he finally is! We have been doing very well over the last 2 weeks. Hopefully we can keep this up!
  3. This weekend I plan on going through clothes and shoes and donating what we get rid to salvation army.
  4. I’m loving this spring-ish weather we have been having this week and hoping, if it stays this way this weekend, to play outside with our dog some and deep clean our house with the windows opened. There is just something about warm weather that puts me in a major cleaning mode.
  5. This weekend I’m hoping to come up with at least three new healthy meals to try. If I do, and my husband approves it is a repeat worthy meal, I will post the recipe here next week.



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