The Best Christmas gift I Recieved

As a child, we all remember making lists that seemed never ending. But do you remember one gift that was your most favorite over all the years? You still to this day smile as big as you did when you first opened it up. You told everybody you knew about it.

That’s exactly how I feel when I think about the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten. Most of us enjoyed our gifts for a little while and then we’d move on and find another gift that we enjoyed and loved, just as much. One thing about mine though? I still smile to this day just as big (if not even bigger now) and still tell everybody that asks or even doesn’t ask, about it.

I asked God for this gift since I was a little girl and waited 19 years to get it. I’m not sure if I remember specifying this to my parents but I do remember specifying to God, in my prayers. Most all little children ask their parents after a few years for another sibling. I’m sure I did this but honestly don’t remember when. I got two more sisters but I always prayed God would give me a brother. After 17 years of living in this world, I just knew God didn’t think I needed one and I was ok with it. I’m grateful for the sisters he blessed me with and all the life experiences I get to have with them to this day. I honestly think we all three prayed for a brother at some point in our lives but never vocalized it to anybody.

Now to tell you how I got and what the best gift I ever got was! My senior year of high school I was babysitting this adorable, beautiful little redheaded girl. I knew her parents because they went to the same church that I went to growing up. I also knew that this family had a story to tell my family but waited until the conversation came up. I didn’t want to push it out of them.

It was the weekend before I graduated and I was at a restaurant with my family when I received a text from her mother telling me to swing by and pick up my graduation gift that night. I asked my mom if she’d go with me since it was late and I didn’t want to go by myself. Now something you have to know to realize how much of a God thing this was: My mom NEVER willingly rides with me when I drive places. She’d prefer to drive. That night without any hesitation or thinking, she quickly said she’d go with me. We got to their house and it was just the girl’s mother there that night. My mom asked about the story that they had to tell. The mother told us and then also told us that the girl I had a younger brother that was special needs and in the foster system.

It was like as soon as we got in the car, we couldn’t pick up the phone quick enough and tell my dad about the little boy! We prayed as a family, my parents became foster parents to this little boy, and 2 years later on this exact day he became my brother.

(Our official adoption picture taken December 21, 2011)


He is 6 years old and is special needs but we don’t treat him like he is. He is autistic but he/my family/his school doesn’t let him get away with stuff just because he is. He is 100% boy and toddler. He is always happy, loves spinning plates, Tupperware, and anything he can and loves road signs. He started walking last year and its now we can’t keep up with his fastness. He is a sneaky little boy and knows just how to suck up to you to get what he wants. His favorite person is my dad. Those two look and act just alike. They have a bond that I honestly can’t describe. He is my favorite part about going home to see my family. He hears me knock on the door and runs to open it for me and immediately gives me a hug and smile.

He is honestly the best gift I ever received and I couldn’t thank God enough for answering a prayer that I had as a little girl and used to think he didn’t see fit for me to have. Every Christmas, as soon as I wake up, I say a little prayer of thanks for God giving me not only a brother but also an entire other family. He gave me a brother, another little sister(my two younger sisters and I always call her our sister even though its not blood), and added another aunt and uncle(our brother’s sister’s parents. I know that’s a tongue twister almost)!





What are is the best gift you ever received? Do you still have it? Did you wait years for it like I did? What made it so special? Tell me in the comments. I love hearing about others’ special holiday gifts and traditions!


Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. Jeremiah 33:3