26 Week: Pregnancy Updatae

I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and I’m having a hard time with that. Other than my sciatic nerve pain that lasted for a little while, this pregnancy has been enjoyable for me. To know that God has trusted me to carry, and grow, this life, is such a big deal to me. I don’t take that for granted.

(This is me at 25 weeks. I didn’t get 26 weeks. Also, I am not big on bump pictures so this one is a big deal.)

Now for the normal pregnancy questions:

How have I felt?

The last few weeks have been the hardest. Jake was on a mission trip, the week after Father’s Day, and towards the end I was in so much pain from my sciatic nerve. It was to the point that I had to miss a few days of work because I couldn’t stand or walk without grabbing, or leaning, on something close (hence, why you see a bar stool in the picture) to keep from falling. But after a little over a week, the pain started going away and I am back to my normal self.

What all have I done?

We have bought a rocking chair/glider and picked out baby girl’s bedding, but that’s it as far as adding to the nursery goes. I also finished our baby registries.

We have also done a lot of reading, Jake has been singing, and lots of rubbing and talking to our girl. Watching Jake get excited and wanting to talk and sing to Carter has been so sweet and special to watch. He is going to be such a great father to our girl! ❤️

Stretch Marks?  Not exactly thrilled but yes. I have been crème crazy and I am still slowly seeing them appear. Just a few, though.

Itching?  Not really, thanks to my crème.

Baby size?  My app says baby girl is the size of a scallion.

Movement?  TONS! The only time she doesn’t move much is usually late afternoons. But she sure does love when I eat or lay in bed.

Cravings?  Still not any.

Sickness? Still when I smell beef/deer meat cooking, but I can try to handle it every once in a while.

Labor symptoms? Nope!

Sleep?  I get up once during the night, every other night, and pretty much have to wake up to turn my body from side to side since my stomach has gotten a little bigger. But that’s about it.

Favorite part/parts of pregnancy so far?  Watching Jake get more excited about having a girl to spoil. Especially since he was unsure of what to do with a girl, at first. Also, I love to feel those kicks because I am always scared something is wrong when I don’t. And the best part is when I get to hear my girl’s heartbeat! I got an app that lets me hear the heartbeat whenever I want, and it’s nice to have a little reassurance when I let fear overtake me.

I have had lots of people ask when I’m going to share about our gender reveal and I promise to do that soon!😊


24 weeks Pregnancy Update

How I’ve felt?

Honestly, as much as I’ve gone through, this pregnancy hasn’t been as bad as I’ve expected it to be. I started out feeling nauseous at the beginning. I had a good month of morning sickness that would come every other day, but overall I don’t feel like it was terrible. I’ve been tired everyday but taking at 20 minute nap each day and going to bed early has gotten me through. Pretty much normal symptoms. Up until now, I’ve felt great during this pregnancy! Right now I am going through a tough several days of hip pain (hurts to stand, walk, and bend due to a sciatic nerve) but, according to my doctor, all I can do is suffer through it a little longer and hopefully it will be gone soon.

What all have I done?

  1. Thanks to some friends, we have painted Carter’s nursery and gotten her dresser.
  2. I’ve made Carter’s baby shower registries, and am adding things as people point out things I may be missing, or suggest to us.
  3. I’ve booked her newborn photo session. I may be a little excited about this! Ha!
  4. I’ve bought a few things that I’ve wanted to get her, myself, before the shower.

Normal Pregnancy post things:

Stretch Marks?

Only one so far. I’ve been pretty adamant about putting on cream twice a day!


Mild but the cream has helped this a lot!

Maternity Clothes?

I wear a few things maternity. Mostly pants. For the most part, though, I’m wearing a size bigger in dresses and tshirts. I got a gorgeous maternity dress that I can’t wait to wear to Carter’s baby shower! I never thought I’d be excited about maternity clothes. 😂

Baby Size:

According to my app, Carter is the size of an ear of corn!


The first time I felt her was 18 weeks. I felt one other time (until recently) during a prayer in church service, which was Jake’s first time to feel her! 😍 I almost teared up when he smiled as he felt her. This has by far been my favorite moment of pregnancy so far! I didn’t feel her much more until I got to 22 weeks and now it’s constant moving, all the time.

Food Cravings?

None so far.


Only if I smell beef cooking.

Labor symptoms?



I’m sleeping pretty good, other than the nightly trips to the restroom. I sure do miss sleeping on my stomach though. Ha

Jake and I are beyond excited to meet this special bundle of joy! I can’t wait to see her face and find out what her personality is and put a face with her name and fall into an even deeper love with her!

Our Pregnancy Story, the reveal (Part 3)

A few weeks after telling Jake that we were having a baby, I had my first doctor’s appointment. He asked if I wanted him to go with me and I told him there was no need to since I was just going to confirm the pregnancy. (We knew it would be positive because of how sick I was and other symptoms, plus the MANY tests I took.) I didn’t think they’d do anymore than take some blood tests and urine sample, so I didn’t see the need for him to sit through that. I was so clueless. I went in and had 2 nurses and my doctor in a room doing and saying so many words that I couldn’t understand. I went to so many different rooms for different tests and then my nurse says, “you can sit here to see your baby in an ultrasound to get your due date”. Do what? I had no idea that I would have one at my very first appointment. I went in and was in shock at how far along I was, that I didn’t hear anything else the doctor was telling me.

I got home and showed Jake the pictures and he was in just as much shock as I was. I really didn’t think I’d be 10 weeks along! I was guessing they’d say 6 or 7 weeks. Anyways, we told Erin and Matthew and Julia and shocked them. They couldn’t believe I didn’t speculate a pregnancy sooner, either.

So Easter weekend came along and it was time to surprise our family with the news…

Being the person I am, I told Jake how I wanted to tell everybody. He agreed that he was fine with it and we set a plan in place! His family was coming to spend the weekend with us, since we chose early in our marriage that this would be one holiday we don’t travel on. (We truly feel that it is important that our kids know we value them during the holidays, and not spending it traveling on at least one major holiday gives us that. We don’t want them to remember always traveling and not on the important aspect of family. )

His parents and brother came in town Friday night. We always do a gift of some kind with his family so I didn’t think they’d speculate anything. We told them we had an Easter gift for them but it was a family gift so they all had to open it together. I gave them a big box with lots of tissue paper filled in it. There was a baby onesie, book called My Grandparents and Me, from Mercer Myer, and a couple of the ultrasound pictures inside. While his parents started opening the box, Jake’s brother acted like he didn’t care. He thought it was going to be just another gift. When they got all the tissue paper out, and saw everything, his dad looked at us in shock and his mom shouted, ”I knew it! I knew it by what you said.” All I said was be careful because it was fragile. I’m not sure how she knew. Jake’s brother heard her and immediately jumped up to look in the box and was shocked too. They congratulated us and we spent the rest of the night telling them about how sick I was the last time they were here, how and when Jake found out, and just being happy. (There would’ve been a video to show but while my husband thought he was recording, he was actually doing nothing but watching through a camera that was not on…sorry)

Saturday, his grandparents arrived. The only plans they knew about was us having crawfish that night for Nonna and Zach’s birthdays. When they got here, Nonna gave some gifts to all of us and then we told them we had a gift for them. They had the same thing in their box except the book. I gave them their boxes and everyone else got their phones out to record and take pictures. (You’d think this family was the paparazzi taking photos of a celebrity.😂)


Sunday, it was time to tell all of my family.

We went to my parents for an early supper. I had told them a few weeks earlier that we were also bringing their birthday gifts to them Jake and I didn’t give them gifts for all of their birthdays because we didn’t see all of them on each of their day. So they knew they were getting a gift of some sort. We ate lunch and when we were done I casually asked if they wanted their gifts. They all said later. So all went outside and played with my brother and his new toy car, played games, and sat on the porch talking. (I have to mention one of our conversations because it foreshadows what is about to happen to all of them..) I told y’all earlier that both of our parents mentioned here and there about baby clothes over the past year but weren’t pushy. All of us are sitting on the porch talking about Cracker Barrel baby clothes. My sister mentions something about our 5 year plan and my mom looks at my dad and I and jokingly says, “I’m beginning to think the 5 year plan is just Jordan and Jake saying they don’t want kids.” We all started laughing and I told her maybe next year because we still a few months before that plan is over. Ha! After a while we went inside for them to open their “birthday” gifts. I brought the two boxes in and sat them in front of them. (My parents had the same box that Jake’s parents had, and my sisters and brother had the same as Jake’s grandparents.)


(The guy on the couch is my sister’s bf that we just met that day. And I must point out that my mom is wearing a coat because the house was cold, before she calls me about posting this video. Sorry, Mom! 🙈)

We then face timed all of my grandparents, with my family around us. My mom’s parents were first. I called and asked if they were together where we could all facetime them and tell them happy Easter. Mamaw went to get Papaw from fishing and facetimed us a few minutes later. I held the phone up where they could see everybody and showed them the onesies and ultrasound pictures. They were so excited. (I really don’t know if they were surprised though. They can probably speculate the news from grandchildren by now because they have 8 great children already. They just probably hoped we had ours sooner than 5 years.)

We then tried to get my dad’s mom on the phone but she wouldn’t answer the phone. Immediately, all of us were at my parents house trying to text her, call her, facetime her, everything we could to get her on the phone. We called and texted other family that she could possibly be with, trying to reach her.  We finally got her an hour and a half later of trying. (She was watching the college women’s basketball championship and left her phone in her car. She probably had 42 missed calls and messages. Ha!) She facetimed us and wanted to show me her new place and Easter crosses that her husband put up for her. She had bad connection so it would freeze up when she went to certain spots. My whole family was laughing in the background because I was telling her how pretty the crosses were but couldn’t see anything but blurry trees, from the connection. That lady was going on and on about all kinds of stuff when I’d try to tell her the news. I finally got her attention and asked her and her husband to go to a good spot so she could see me. I turned the phone and showed her the family holding onesies again. She screamed in shock and got so excited. FINALLY we could finish telling the rest of our family members by texts and family facebook pages!

We asked everybody to keep the secret between only family until we put it on social media the next night. Then, we posted the news and everybody started blowing the phones up!

Whew! I have a few more pregnancy posts to keep people updated but not sure how often. Would y’all want to read and see pictures from our pregnancy reveal? Tell me your thoughts and I may just do it. I promise all of my posts will be MUCH shorter than the last few! 😊

Our Pregnancy Story (Part 2)

The rest of the night I kept quiet and didn’t tell Jake anything about what happened during the past 24 hours. I was still trying to process all of it. The next day, I woke up still very sick. I kept it to myself until that afternoon. During my lunch break, I called my best friend from college. I told her about our news and she got so excited. I was on the other side of the call shocked still. She asked me when I was going to tell Jake…I told her that I thought about it all morning and the night before. I couldn’t tell Jake until after Sunday. His family was coming in town that night, for the weekend. He is so close to his brother that I couldn’t risk him slipping it out on accident and they find out before I ever went to a doctor’s appointment. Julia couldn’t believe I was going to wait that long to tell him. Ha!

I am a huge planner of all things. Hence, why we came up with the five year plan. The rest of the day I was planning out how I was going to tell Jake this life changing news. I planned on buying him Mercer Myer’s book My Daddy and Me. I looked up when I would get it and found that it would be shipped to my house on Tuesday. I decided I was going to do a scavenger hunt and have Jake end up at what we decided would end up being a nursery one day. He would find the book, along with a onesie, on the guest bed and figure it out. Let’s just say, none of this happened…

I got home from work, that evening. Jake was already there and talking to his mom when I walked in the door. He decided to cook ground beef for them to have with nachos, when they arrived a little while later. I kissed and hugged him, changed clothes, and sat on the couch. For some reason, I was extremely tired. I tried to fight it and stay awake until his family got here. The smell from the beef, was making me feel so nauseous that I was hugging my stomach. I ended up falling asleep to keep from getting sick and him asking me what was wrong. I woke up 20 minutes later and not long after his family walked in the door. We had supper but I didn’t eat much because of the smell. I made it through Friday with no speculation from anyone!

Saturday, we decided to go to town and show them around Batesville. We stopped for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I ate the chips and salsa like crazy. Nobody noticed. Our food came out and all I could smell was the beef from everybody’s food. I suffered and ate about ¾ of my meal. I didn’t want them to know. We then went to Tractor Supply for them to look around. I do not know how people can just go in just to look around. But we did. When we walked in, I told them I had to use the restroom, when I really didn’t have to. I was in there probably 15 minutes sick, from lunch. I walked out and Jake was trying on some jeans. His mom was showing me baby onesies with tractors on it. I just shook my head that it was cute and walked on. His dad came around to me and asked if I was tired. I told him I was fine. It was raining all day so I told him it was the the rain and the cloudy day must be making me tired. I said it was the perfect napping weather. He went for it! He said he was tired too. Whew! I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. I looked awful! I walked around to wake myself up and even went to bathroom to sprinkle water on my face.

 I got through the rest of the day fine, until we had supper that night. I didn’t feel sick. We had fish and fries. I ate half of my food and gave Jake the rest. While we were finishing up, I started to load the dishwasher, when my mother-in-law asked if I was ok. I looked at her confused and said I was fine. She thought I may be getting sick, because I didn’t eat much during the day. It seemed like everyone in the country was getting the flu, and my MIL had just gotten over it a couple days before they came to town. So I blamed it on that! I told her I felt fine but hopefully wasn’t getting what was going around. She agreed and fell for it! I made it through night two!!

Sunday, we went to church and for lunch, they wanted to go back and try out the Mexican buffet we told them about. (WHY did we tell them about that?!) We went and I probably ate ¼ of my lunch. I just couldn’t get past the smell of the beef again! Nobody said anything. We came home, they packed up, I locked myself in the bathroom getting sick without them knowing, and then they left. I finally decided I couldn’t wait until the book came Tuesday, to tell Jake. He was going to figure it out, as much as I was getting sick.

About 30 minutes after everybody left, we were sitting on the couch and I asked Jake to close his eyes while I went to get a surprise for him. I had all of the pregnancy tests in a small “lady” bag, all weekend. I got it and put it in his lap. He looked at the bag confused until I told him to open it. He looked at the tests and laughed like maybe there is something under them. He read the tests and just smiled. I started crying and didn’t know why. I guess because I was still processing it. I told him everything and how I suffered through the beef smell all weekend and couldn’t take it any longer. He just looked at me asking several times, “I’m going to be a daddy?” I told him yes. Then I asked if he was really happy or scared and just didn’t want to tell me. I told him it was ok if he’s really more scared than excited because I was still trying to process what all happened during the past few days. He looked at me confused, rubbed my tummy smiling, and then took my hands and prayed over the baby and me. I was a sobbing mess by the end of the prayer!

I told him I didn’t have an appointment for 2 more weeks and didn’t want to tell anybody until after that. I asked if he was ok with waiting until Easter to tell people. That was a month away! He looked at me in shock that I wanted to wait that long. I told him about my fear of miscarrying and that I didn’t want to give them good news until I knew we were in the clear. He asked if we could tell our closest friends, from church, so he could have at least two people for us to talk to. And so he wouldn’t let it slip up to the wrong person. I agreed and after our Dave Ramsey class, at church, we went to eat supper with them.

It isn’t unnormal for us to eat supper with them on Sunday nights. What was unnormal was the fact that we asked to eat anywhere but Mexican. Erin speculated something was up but couldn’t figure it out. When we got there, I told them I had something for them to show how much their friendship means to us. They looked at us confused as they opened it. Erin pulled out a onesie and jumped back smiling at me. I started crying again. She and Matthew congratulated us and got excited. We thanked them, answered all their questions, and then asked that they not tell anybody until we tell them that all was ok, on Easter. Matthew laughed and said good luck because it was going to be hard for Erin to keep this secret. She promised to keep her mouth shut when talking out loud. We made it through the weekend, I told Jake, we told only one set of friends from church to help us keep this secret, and nobody else found out! We were overjoyed about this news and I was thrilled that I finally told Jake!

Throughout the entire month, we went through phone calls trying to watch everything we said, keeping our phones faced down in case Erin and Matthew texted us about baby stuff (my mom almost saw one that Erin sent me and I panicked), stared each other down when we were around family, and talked about the pregnancy like crazy when it was just the two of us.

We made it through the month with nobody finding out and Erin and Matthew only talking to us about it by text, phone calls, and when we were away from everybody. I was happy everything was going according to plan!

Part 3 will be up by the end of the week. (This will be about what the doctor revealed and how we told our families!)

Our Pregnancy Story (Part One)

Jake and I talked before our marriage about children. I opened up and told him my fear of us having a hard time conceiving, suffering a miscarriage, and the major thing being me having to face people constantly asking us when children would be in the picture. I was scared of all of this and the stress it could possibly put on me, personally. We knew we wanted to have children ONE DAY, but not as soon as our marriage started. The first few years we felt needed to be learning each other, having our own adventures, and enjoying our lives as newlyweds. We wanted it to be in ours, and God’s, timing.

So we decided to put a five year plan into place. Before we got married, and after, we made sure our family and friends knew about it so we could avoid any questions, at all possible. We wanted it to truly be a surprise. We wanted to be able to relax and not stress over what other people felt we needed. (You have no idea how often we told people we had a five year plan and they laugh!)

Fast forward to the beginning of January. Both of our parents would mention here, and there, something about baby clothes, toys, or babies in general. They weren’t being pushy. They just pointed those things out when we were at stores every once in a while. Jake and I had discussed for a couple years about if, or when, we felt ready to have kids. September came and we had both expressed to each other how we felt it pushing on our hearts heavily that we wanted to have children. We decided that in October, I would quit taking my medicine and we prayed that God would keep the stress away and that whenever HE felt we were ready, we would be ready.

Fast forward, again, to February 19th. My boss had bought all of us at work Chinese food. Complete with spring rolls. I’m not a fan of spring rolls, but decided to eat it to not be rude. A few hours later my stomach started feeling funny. I blamed it on the spring roll since I don’t ever eat them and it wasn’t normal for me. A couple days had passed and I still wasn’t feeling good but suffered through it. The thought never came to my head that I could possibly be pregnant. Again, I kept telling myself it was the spring roll…

That Wednesday night, the 21st, Jake and I went to bed around 8:30. Jake had been out of town and was really tired.  I had a dream telling me to take a pregnancy test. I immediately woke up from it, around 11ish. I thought it was strange because that had never come across my mind. I went to the bathroom (Jake still asleep) and took a test. I had a few tests already from when we were talking about it back in September. The test said wait 2 minutes. It wasn’t 30 seconds and it showed POSITIVE. I told myself that it must be a faulty test because it wasn’t suppose to show for 2 minutes. (DUMB THOUGHT #1) I went back to bed and when I woke up the next morning, I “acted like I was getting a shower” and turned the water on. I took another test and within 10 seconds I got another positive. I still thought it was a bad test. (DUMB THOUGHT #2) I drove to Tupelo for a work thing, in a bad storm. The entire ride I prayed to God and wondered if those tests could possibly be true.

I went through a work lunch/event and couldn’t stop getting up and going to the restroom all day. It made me start to have second thoughts about those test. So I went to the nearest store, got another test, and took it. It said positive again but I didn’t want to face it. (DUMB MOVE #3) I drove back home that evening, and kept thinking it couldn’t be. Jake was already home when I got there watching tv. I was so nervous that I didn’t even greet my husband with a hug and kiss. (We have never not done that since the day we got married.) I rushed to the bathroom. I took one more test to confirm it was really happening. I prayed right before I took it. I took the test and decided I didn’t want to look at it for the full 2 minutes this time.

I just happened to have a Thirty-One announcement happening via live video, while I was waiting. So I decided to stall and watch the video in my bathroom floor. This is where I saw God being funny and telling me to face it and trust him… Thirty-One happened to reveal that we were coming out with a baby line. Hahahahahahaha! It was like Thirty-One knew what was happening to me at that very moment! I looked over at the test and just laughed because I should’ve believed it all day. (I FINALLY ACCEPTED IT!)

Part 2 will come by the end of this week…;) (This is when I told Jake and how we hid it for a month from everybody)

Guilty Pleasures: Jordan Edition

So I know we all have guilty pleasures that we enjoy. But I thought this would be a fun way to let you get to know a little more about me. There are some I’ve let off, but this is just a scaled down list to my top 5. 🙂

I LOVE to bake!

Specifically cheesecake! Like, it’s my favorite dessert and I have perfected my recipe so much that I’ve started to come up with new flavors to add to them.

Reality shows!!

                I record Counting On, the Kardashians, Little People Big World, and Real Housewives. I have to watch them when Jake’s not around just so I don’t annoy him.



I love Fall so much, that I start decorating the first week of September. And if you see a place with PSL, you can probably bet I’m there the first day they start selling them! I also am all about pumpkins, pumpkin desserts, pumpkin drinks, pumpkin scents. Basically, anything pumpkin, I want it. 


I am all about keeping family traditions. I am so passionate about it, that even though we don’t have children, I already want to keep traditions from when I was young with my family, and already do them with Jake. (Example: My family always watched Son-In-Law on Thanksgiving. Now Jake is on board and watches it with us. And his family made raviolis for Christmas every year. So now I want some kind of Italian in our Christmas meal together. ) He may think I’m mushy and way too into them, but he never says no and is always so willing and sweet about doing them with me.

Decorating our home

I am constantly adding to our home and wanting to find new ways to decorate it. I despise clothes shopping. But I am always shopping for our home! It’s probably a bad addiction. Oops!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Update on Life

I thought I’d do a little update on what’s going on in my life, currently. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I have a semi good reason as to why. So much has been going on. 

It has been 5 months since we’ve moved to Batesville, MS and I can’t tell y’all how much Jake and I have grown to love this little town. When we first moved here, it seemed like so much was going on that we couldn’t just relax and explore our new home. But after about two months of living here, we finally found our groove and was finally able to see what all Batesville has to offer. Something we have done ever since we married, was take weekend drives around town and look at the different neighborhoods and dream about where we would raise our future kiddos. That has come to be one of favorite things to do since moving here. We are preparing to start the home buying process in just a few short months! I can’t wait for that moment to happen and finally have a home of our own. 

Another perk since moving is that we live literally three minutes from everywhere in town! And you know what? We love it! That is our favorite part about where we live. Our church is for real 2 minutes and 27 seconds from our house (as long as the stop lights down change to red!). Yes. I’m that crazy person that timed it out. and the grocery store is 45 seconds from our house. 🙂 (I know I’m wierd.)

 Moving has been a great thing for us. We close to family if emergencies happen but not close enough that we can just run to them when a problem in our marriage happens. We are 45 minutes away. That means we can still have our privacy. I will vouch and say that that has made us closer to each other. You see. When we lived in Greenville, we were next door to Jake’s grandparents and the rest of his cousins were practically down the road. That means we had all kinds of people to vent to and stay with, when we didn’t agree on things. Now, we are forced to work it out. We have had more in depth talks about the future and our marriage because of this move. I firmly believe God made this happen! We are so much happier because of it.

We have also found a church and last week, we joined and became members! We just love our church! The people are so friendly. The environment is relaxed. And everyone is all about forming relationships and growing the church together! (Answered prayer!)

Some other random things that have happened since moving:

We have started steps to eating healthier meals. (Thank you, Julia!)

We’ve finally made this rental house look more like a home. 

We have been trying all of the new places to eat on our date nights! Several have opened since we’ve moved here, on the town’s square. 

And we’ve been praying about whether I should make a career change or not. I want to work closer to Batesville for when we have kiddos (one day) and be here if something happens at daycare or school and I need to get to them fast. I also want better working hours and to work doing something I love and don’t come home stressed about all the time. Please keep me in your prayers about this. I appreciate it.